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What's happening at Alegría

Yoga to live music

A few times each year, we have yoga to live music. It's a magical experience.

New book

Our first book in English is here: "If the Light Were Allowed to Shine" Here -> Amazon

The Way Out

We want to raise awareness about domestic violence and help those in dysfunctional relationships feel less alone. That's why we've created the project, The Way Out ( Homepage)


The mission of Alegría is empowerment


Health is about physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Alegría enhances the health of individuals, groups, and organizations by leveraging strengths and establishing empowerment for individuals, groups, and organizations.


Education is about learning to identify strengths and making them grow. It's also about recognizing challenges and turning them into strengths. Alegría provides educational programs tailored to client needs.


Alegría is located in Lund in the south of Sweden and serves clients throughout Skåne, Sweden. Contact us for more information at: stina@alegriahou.se. Organization number: 559117-1185

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Courses and Lectures


Zumba, Salsa and Yoga


Organizational development, coaching and manuscript development






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Alegría Hälsa och Utbildning is a company with the ambition to empower individuals. Our overarching mission is to achieve health and well-being, it's essential to leverage and enhance what is already healthy and functioning well (a salutogenic approach). This approach applies to all types of development and health, ranging from organizational development to individual growth.




The owner of Alegría Health and Education is Stina Willquist. She is trained as a health educator and principal, and she holds a master's degree in educational leadership. Additionally, she is certified as an instructor in salsa, zumba, barre move, yoga, and more. Stina also work as an editor and have training in bibliotherapy. Stina believes in people's strengths and potentials and aim to develop them. She achieve this through lectures, coaching, manuscript reading, workout sessions, and through her books and music.